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Friday, 7 February 2014

Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress such an over used word and under stated condition!

I have finally been writing up my web page on this and there just seems to be more and more articles on this...

"24.5% of my local council sick days have been attributed to stress and depression

Police Officers increase in stress and days off ill......."

The articles are everywhere....... 

The MailOnline and The Independant have also recently written articles on the ever increasing stress in the workplace.

 Stress can literally debilitate your life!  

It can affect both your body and mind..

The symptoms go on and on.............................


 I was a product of stress - and I was not even aware!

The tell tale signs ( that I now know) of falling sick every time I had a holiday, sleeping yet feeling exhausted, reduced appetite, hyper active.... I used to say that I am fine as long as I dont stop - I was living on adrenalin - running on empty.

The defunct immune system later followed - years of not listening to the pleas and cries of my own system.

Years later, I am here trying to help others to identify stress - the good stress as well as the bad and giving genuine tools and techniques to help them through it.

All the things that I wish I had known way back when.


I would urge you to learn the techniques to shed stress daily and not to let them build up.

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