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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The other side of fear.....

EFT case story : Fear of flying

This fear of flying has span over the last 35 years - intensifying on every flight and ruining holidays

The reason for the fear is unknown other than the same fear being with lifts, escalators and anything that moves off the ground.

In the past flights have consisted of what felt like a white knuckle ride - starting in the airport the fear and panic intensifying with each moment. The flight itself mainly consisted of gripping the seat infront, being very aware of every movement the plane made and forcing myself to remember to breath as I would hold my breath in fear.  Many body stress symptoms were experienced from sweating, to lack of breath and a pumping heart.

It became so bad - travelling was re arranged to stay in the UK or to travel by boat.  Infact I have avoided flying for nearly 10 years!

I have completed many therapy sessions and self treatments of EFT and then later energy EFT and Emotrance to help dissolve the blocked energy and increase the flow.

However, inspite of this, I still could not get past the thought of flying and how I may feel.

So when I was offered a city break for 4 nights in Rome - I was both excited and anxious at the same time.

As this trip approached, although nervous; the same trepidation was not felt, I guess from habit I just assumed that I would  experience the fear and panic once I was at the airport or if not definitely once I was on the plane.

I was nervous, but that was it. As the plane took off, I felt the sensations in my body, breathed, and just allowed this stale energy to soften and flow. In addition, I also tapped, just on the gamut point....and I was fine.! I was more than fine... I was looking around, reading my book and listening to music !

Staying in the moment, allowing myself to feel every sensation and increase the flow of energy through each erea.

As the flight went on, I looked out the window, through the clouds to see the mountain tops and the beautiful blue sky. I looked at the scenery as we started our decent to land.... I had NEVER EVER looked to my side, let alone out of a window in a plane before.

Not only did I not panic or feel fear, I was able to really allow the energy to flow in the moment; making it a pleasurable experience - a breeze.

Thanks to EFT, EMO and positive EFT.

If you have a fear that you would like to address then EFT or EMO may be your answer
I work with people on a 1-1 basis or can show you how to use this simple yet effective technique for yourself.  Contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss how we may work together.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's Time......

Its time to let your energy flow.......
It's time to let your inner light shine
We carry around burdens of the past that no longer serve the life we lead today...

It's time......

To forgive yourself to set yourself free

It's time........

To energise your heart, your body, your soul..your total essence

It's time..........

To heal your broken heart

It's time..........

To stand in your power and let your inner light shine through to everyone

It's time.........

To let your light and kindness touch others and ripple out further and and further to all those you are yet to meet.

It's time........

To heal the world...... One heart at a time.

Email to claim your free consultation to discover any blocks that you may have and how we can work together to dissolve these, so that you can step into your own power and shine out to the world with your inner freedom.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Your Mind is Amazing!

Do you realise you are a walking miracle? 

Every day trillions of cells carry out their functions without you even thinking about them…..until some of them don’t function correctly. 

Whether you are perfectly healthy, or dealing with minor or major health concerns, NOWis the time to learn techniques to restore your body to health or stay healthy.

-why a blue pill works better than a pink one for some symptoms
-how emotional patterns contribute to disease
-whether a positive attitude really contributes to a longer life
-how miraculous healings occur
-the power of the placebo effect
-how affirmations and visualizations can help you heal

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Sunday, 13 September 2015



How much work do we need to do on ourselves?  

When does the daily ground work finish?..... 

Does it ever finish?  I don't think it does.  

There is no quick fix to our deepest wounds and scars - it is a daily practise that involves our awareness, attention and intention at all times.  

There is no point in completing a mediation or self care Reiki or Tapping or Affirmations or what ever it is that you do if that 10 - 60 minutes is the only part of your day that is aware.... 

If for 660 minutes out or 720 you are running yourself down - not applying your own self care - your actions do not back up your initial intentions..... 

So on the question of how much practise should I put into myself - it should be all day everyday or as much of a reality as that can be for you 

All day everyday???  

Yes - overtime you hear your inner critic running yourself down - stop it and change your thoughts

Every time you feel your stress levels raising - breathe - tap - know your own stress stopper and use it every time you need to do so. 

(Breathing and tapping are such useful tools as they can be done anywhere and multiple, multiple, multiple times a day)

If your stress levels have increased incredibly then incorporate your practise into as many parts of your day as you can .  

How many times do you tell yourself - how many times during the day?

That you are safe?  Safe wherever you are and where ever you go?

That you are enough?  in all of its capacities

That you are perfectly imperfect? and you accept and love all that you do?

That you can start choosing your life?  One step at a time

That the fears you may be experiencing are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed? 

How often do you praise your self? recognise and list your good!!

How often do you stop to realise your progress and how much you already have?

So in answer to practise, practise, practise...... 

the more you do - the more changes you get...the more changes you get..the more responses you get to being the authentic you....

Friday, 3 July 2015

Searching for "Purpose"

An interesting subject -

Do you ever ask - what is the reason that I am here?

What am I meant to be doing with my life?

What does the thought of purpose in your life provoke in you?

Do you think of your career? your family? your attitudes and values? Yourself?

I recently read an article that said actually are purpose is to live and therefore the fact that we are here and living our lives means that we are already fulfilling our purpose.

Another article discussed that ultimately we are all here to share love and joy to ourselves and others - and that this may be by giving a smile to a stranger that unknowingly  lights up their day - warms their heart and makes them feel worthwhile though to people who dedicate their lives to others such as Mother Theresa.

They got me thinking......

I like the combination of both of these -

Yes we are alive and by filling our lives with love and joy.....

- firstly to ourselves so that this can overflow and radiate out to others without thought

- then sharing this and acknowledging the simple acts of kindness and purposely reaching out to others to help them on their way.....

then Yes! just by simply living and be alive is surely living our purpose.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

My gratitude Alphabet

This year I have had the chance to re-evaluate my life and really put into practise some of the things that I often talk about - SELF CARE!

In the process of this - I have let things go.... I have also come to realise what is important in my life and also realised how much I already have within this......

I have recently been reading "Pearls of Wisdom for living a richer life" a book compiled by Patricia Crane Ph.D and Rick Nichols.

It was within this that I came across the Michele Hatfield who talks of herself using this method as a fun way to open her mind to being grateful with abundance...

What an amazing idea - It makes it so easy - and there is so much to be grateful for.

I would like to share with you my Gratitude alphabet

A is for the Air that I breathe. I am grateful for how it shows me very simply how abundance works - unlimited supplies.

B is for beauty... I am grateful for having so much beauty arround me.

C is for compassion - I am grateful for having compassion and receiving compassion from others.

D is for dreams. I am grateful for being shown lessons through my dreams.

E is for energy - Energy in Motion ( E-motion) I am grateful for being an Energist.

F is for faith. I am grateful for my inner knowing.

G is for giggles - I am grateful for having so much to giggle and laugh about.

H is for heart.... I am grateful for my's openess, sensitivity, compassion and passion

I is for my idiosyncrasies - I am grateful for my quirkiness - it's what makes me the perfect me!

J is for Joy - and for being able to share my joy.

K is for knowledge and learning new things daily

L is for LOVE - I am very lovable!

M is for Mother - being so blessed with having the most beautiful mother in so many ways.

N is for Nurturing - I future my inner spirit daily

O is for OUTRAGEOUS - because I can if I want to ! and of course the opportunities that I am presented with so often

P is purpose - I am grateful for the the opportunity of finding my way

Q is for questioning - I am thankful for the have inquisitive mind 

R is for all that I receive - I am truly grateful - such as the time afforded to me by friends

S is the Seasons of the year - and being presented with constant display of nature at its most beautiful all year round

T is for time - I am thankful for how much time I have.

U is US - You and Me....

V is for visualisation - the chance to see my dreams.... and create my future

W is for woooohooo! - I really have so much to celebrate and I am truly thankful.

X is for the xtra-ordinary special people I have in my life - I am so blessed

Y is for YES - I truly can say YES to my dreams!

Z is for zzzz - being able to sleep so peacefully every night.

I have started a page in my journal for each letter of the alphabet and will be adding to this often - 
Sometimes we get so busy in the flurry of life that we truly miss what we have already got....
Maybe...just maybe.... the searching can stop....

So if you can - just take this opportunity to stop and take a breather....
and just notice - notice everything in your life......
its may just amaze you too!

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Magic of Believing in Yourself.

Believe in yourself..... So easy to say - not so easy to achieve

Do you have an inner dialogue running on in your mind - being critical and judgemental - always being hard on yourself?

Do you have beliefs of not being good enough, talented enough or smart enough to achieve what you want in life?

Then this workshop is for you.....

  • It will show you how to have a new level of confidence and self esteem
  • Understand how "unconscious believes have affected you up until now and what to do to change them
  • Learn about the toolbox for high self-esteem
  • Discover how to use affirmations and visualisations to create a path for the future that you want
  • Develop a stronger connection with your inner guidance
  • Understand how you can be the star of your own life, directing and writing your own script

There is within you - untapped potential - just waiting to be called out!

Participation in this workshop can be at one of our scheduled venues or arranged live online.

Investment:  £35:00

Contact : Maria to book or gain further details.