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Friday, 3 July 2015

Searching for "Purpose"

An interesting subject -

Do you ever ask - what is the reason that I am here?

What am I meant to be doing with my life?

What does the thought of purpose in your life provoke in you?

Do you think of your career? your family? your attitudes and values? Yourself?

I recently read an article that said actually are purpose is to live and therefore the fact that we are here and living our lives means that we are already fulfilling our purpose.

Another article discussed that ultimately we are all here to share love and joy to ourselves and others - and that this may be by giving a smile to a stranger that unknowingly  lights up their day - warms their heart and makes them feel worthwhile though to people who dedicate their lives to others such as Mother Theresa.

They got me thinking......

I like the combination of both of these -

Yes we are alive and by filling our lives with love and joy.....

- firstly to ourselves so that this can overflow and radiate out to others without thought

- then sharing this and acknowledging the simple acts of kindness and purposely reaching out to others to help them on their way.....

then Yes! just by simply living and be alive is surely living our purpose.

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