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Sunday, 13 September 2015



How much work do we need to do on ourselves?  

When does the daily ground work finish?..... 

Does it ever finish?  I don't think it does.  

There is no quick fix to our deepest wounds and scars - it is a daily practise that involves our awareness, attention and intention at all times.  

There is no point in completing a mediation or self care Reiki or Tapping or Affirmations or what ever it is that you do if that 10 - 60 minutes is the only part of your day that is aware.... 

If for 660 minutes out or 720 you are running yourself down - not applying your own self care - your actions do not back up your initial intentions..... 

So on the question of how much practise should I put into myself - it should be all day everyday or as much of a reality as that can be for you 

All day everyday???  

Yes - overtime you hear your inner critic running yourself down - stop it and change your thoughts

Every time you feel your stress levels raising - breathe - tap - know your own stress stopper and use it every time you need to do so. 

(Breathing and tapping are such useful tools as they can be done anywhere and multiple, multiple, multiple times a day)

If your stress levels have increased incredibly then incorporate your practise into as many parts of your day as you can .  

How many times do you tell yourself - how many times during the day?

That you are safe?  Safe wherever you are and where ever you go?

That you are enough?  in all of its capacities

That you are perfectly imperfect? and you accept and love all that you do?

That you can start choosing your life?  One step at a time

That the fears you may be experiencing are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed? 

How often do you praise your self? recognise and list your good!!

How often do you stop to realise your progress and how much you already have?

So in answer to practise, practise, practise...... 

the more you do - the more changes you get...the more changes you get..the more responses you get to being the authentic you....

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