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Saturday, 27 June 2015

My gratitude Alphabet

This year I have had the chance to re-evaluate my life and really put into practise some of the things that I often talk about - SELF CARE!

In the process of this - I have let things go.... I have also come to realise what is important in my life and also realised how much I already have within this......

I have recently been reading "Pearls of Wisdom for living a richer life" a book compiled by Patricia Crane Ph.D and Rick Nichols.

It was within this that I came across the Michele Hatfield who talks of herself using this method as a fun way to open her mind to being grateful with abundance...

What an amazing idea - It makes it so easy - and there is so much to be grateful for.

I would like to share with you my Gratitude alphabet

A is for the Air that I breathe. I am grateful for how it shows me very simply how abundance works - unlimited supplies.

B is for beauty... I am grateful for having so much beauty arround me.

C is for compassion - I am grateful for having compassion and receiving compassion from others.

D is for dreams. I am grateful for being shown lessons through my dreams.

E is for energy - Energy in Motion ( E-motion) I am grateful for being an Energist.

F is for faith. I am grateful for my inner knowing.

G is for giggles - I am grateful for having so much to giggle and laugh about.

H is for heart.... I am grateful for my's openess, sensitivity, compassion and passion

I is for my idiosyncrasies - I am grateful for my quirkiness - it's what makes me the perfect me!

J is for Joy - and for being able to share my joy.

K is for knowledge and learning new things daily

L is for LOVE - I am very lovable!

M is for Mother - being so blessed with having the most beautiful mother in so many ways.

N is for Nurturing - I future my inner spirit daily

O is for OUTRAGEOUS - because I can if I want to ! and of course the opportunities that I am presented with so often

P is purpose - I am grateful for the the opportunity of finding my way

Q is for questioning - I am thankful for the have inquisitive mind 

R is for all that I receive - I am truly grateful - such as the time afforded to me by friends

S is the Seasons of the year - and being presented with constant display of nature at its most beautiful all year round

T is for time - I am thankful for how much time I have.

U is US - You and Me....

V is for visualisation - the chance to see my dreams.... and create my future

W is for woooohooo! - I really have so much to celebrate and I am truly thankful.

X is for the xtra-ordinary special people I have in my life - I am so blessed

Y is for YES - I truly can say YES to my dreams!

Z is for zzzz - being able to sleep so peacefully every night.

I have started a page in my journal for each letter of the alphabet and will be adding to this often - 
Sometimes we get so busy in the flurry of life that we truly miss what we have already got....
Maybe...just maybe.... the searching can stop....

So if you can - just take this opportunity to stop and take a breather....
and just notice - notice everything in your life......
its may just amaze you too!

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