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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The other side of fear.....

EFT case story : Fear of flying

This fear of flying has span over the last 35 years - intensifying on every flight and ruining holidays

The reason for the fear is unknown other than the same fear being with lifts, escalators and anything that moves off the ground.

In the past flights have consisted of what felt like a white knuckle ride - starting in the airport the fear and panic intensifying with each moment. The flight itself mainly consisted of gripping the seat infront, being very aware of every movement the plane made and forcing myself to remember to breath as I would hold my breath in fear.  Many body stress symptoms were experienced from sweating, to lack of breath and a pumping heart.

It became so bad - travelling was re arranged to stay in the UK or to travel by boat.  Infact I have avoided flying for nearly 10 years!

I have completed many therapy sessions and self treatments of EFT and then later energy EFT and Emotrance to help dissolve the blocked energy and increase the flow.

However, inspite of this, I still could not get past the thought of flying and how I may feel.

So when I was offered a city break for 4 nights in Rome - I was both excited and anxious at the same time.

As this trip approached, although nervous; the same trepidation was not felt, I guess from habit I just assumed that I would  experience the fear and panic once I was at the airport or if not definitely once I was on the plane.

I was nervous, but that was it. As the plane took off, I felt the sensations in my body, breathed, and just allowed this stale energy to soften and flow. In addition, I also tapped, just on the gamut point....and I was fine.! I was more than fine... I was looking around, reading my book and listening to music !

Staying in the moment, allowing myself to feel every sensation and increase the flow of energy through each erea.

As the flight went on, I looked out the window, through the clouds to see the mountain tops and the beautiful blue sky. I looked at the scenery as we started our decent to land.... I had NEVER EVER looked to my side, let alone out of a window in a plane before.

Not only did I not panic or feel fear, I was able to really allow the energy to flow in the moment; making it a pleasurable experience - a breeze.

Thanks to EFT, EMO and positive EFT.

If you have a fear that you would like to address then EFT or EMO may be your answer
I work with people on a 1-1 basis or can show you how to use this simple yet effective technique for yourself.  Contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss how we may work together.

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