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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have recently completed an 8 week 1:1 Laughter Yoga coaching program with a lady through what she described as one of her most stressful periods of the year..specifically in work

Amanda kept a blog throughout.... If you read will see that she still had her ups and downs...

This link is to her review at the end... I asked her a few questions and this was her response....

Final review

So what is the point of coaching?  Why not just attend classes?

Coaching is an incredible experience ...

It is individual and personalised.

It is working together and an investment in yourself

Investing in your future and being responsible and accountable for your actions

It's about setting yourself free to create the life that you always wanted

Interested? Contact me: email. To discuss your needs.


  1. The end of my 8 week laughter Yoga 1:1

    Well the end of my Laughter Yoga 1:1 8 week course has come to an end. Maria has become a very Good friend and although my weekly sessions have stopped, I feel its so important to carry on with the tools I have been given. How did I fit into daily life this course and would I recommend it to others? just a few questions I have been asked are below:

    How did I found an 8 week 1-1 programme and more to the point why you would recommend it to anyone else?

    An 8 week programme enabled me to learn at a good pace, and put into practise all the techniques such as laughter, play, breathing into my daily schedule. I could also reflect with Maria the following week how I had got on, difficulties in my day to day life, and how I could use the techniques to deal with everyday stress. The more further into 8 weeks I got, the more I used it without thinking. I would recommend a 8 week programme as it enables you to build up what I call my stress tools :) to combat life's stresses, and to learn how life does not have to be so serious.

    How easy it was using Skype?

    Skype is a fab tool and so easy to use. This was my first time using it, but I actually felt that Maria was in the same room :) great when you need to fit it around home and work life.

    How easy it was to incorporate into your life

    As I say with Skype fitting the sessions in were no problem. I got together with Maria on a couple of occasion's too which gave a nice variety of lessons. As for the laughter exercises and the ten minute daily laughter, all you need to do is find that alone time such as in the car on the way to work, in the bath or shower, in the kitchen laughing a the dog...the list is endless. Just read through my blogg and you can see how I manage to fit it in :)

    Why you would recommend it to others?

    I and most people spend far too much of our life being stressed, fed up, serious, sensible, being told how one should behave...and why? because that's how we are brought up as children, and how daily grind and others expectations make us feel. When you see somebody laugh how does that make you feel? happy? so why should we not laugh freely and have fun because it is not harming others when we do it, and the feeling I get from laughing is like a breath of fresh air, childlike and free.
    Thank you xx
    Posted by Amanda Isles at 10:03


    Maria Chi-Ki 16 February 2014 at 13:16
    Thank you Amanda. I have loved our 8 weeks. ... it has been an amazing journey. X


    Amanda Isles16 February 2014 at 13:50
    It certainly has hun x many thanks for everything and I will keep laughing as much as I can :D x

  2. Read Amandas