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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Believing in yourself.... So easy to say! Step one

Self belief is one of those attributes that we would all love a little more of.....

So easy to say......but not so easy to achieve....

Do your beliefs about yourself sometimes hold you back from what you want to do?

It is reported that we have approx 90,000 thoughts a day of which 75,000 of them we had yesterday..and the day before and the day before that too...

We are brought up on negativity and self criticism.... So what percentage of those thoughts do you think would be positive or negative?  

Quite a lot are negative, right?

So, if there are loads more negative......  How do you think that is going to leave you feeling about yourself?

Not smart enough, not sociable enough, not slim enough, not pretty enough, ........ Not enough

The good thing is.....these are just thoughts.....and thoughts can be changed!

Step one ........  Become aware of your own thoughts ......

You can not do anything if you are not aware of it...

Become aware of yourself and your own thoughts over the next week

Write down or journal some of the thoughts that you become aware of.......

How do they make you feel?  Do you know where they originate from?

Discover step 2 next week.

We run both workshops and 1-1 coaching in Heal your life techniques that will give you the tools to unleash your full potential.

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