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Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring has Spring.... time to sow your seeds for this year

So......... how does your garden grow?

This is always such an interesting time of year.. spring

Time to spring into action - re awaken all our enthusiasm and to sow our seeds for that beautifully blossomed, fragrant and radiant garden

The colours, the smells.. the blue skies and the sun...

But how can this transfer into your life?

What do you need to think about before sowing to enable your harvest later this year?

Have you sat down and really assessed, if you could create your life... just as you would your garden...    How would your garden grow?

Health... Career... Relationships... Fun... Love...Finances.... Security... Family.....

What do you really want for each of these areas....

on deciding what you actually want....   now is the time to sow these seeds using affirmations

"I earn good money doing what satisfies me" 

" My health is vibrant" 

"My relationships are harmonious and fun"

Sow your seeds - and nurture them ...

Affirmations from Louise L Hay

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