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Friday, 25 October 2013

Reflection on how life changes....

My last blog was about reflections and a reflection of a moment in time - the stillness, nature and all of its beauty surrounding us........

I have since been reflecting on how my life has changed over the last decade.....

Way back at the start of this journey;  then I had a life of working serious long hours, high levels of responsibility, managing numerous staff throughout multiple sites, spanning a good chunk of the country, managing people, sales, targets, customer services, account management and all the stress that kind of  working life can bring!!! 

However at the time - I loved it! 

My life has changed so much that the mere thought of having that kind of stress load in my life brings me out in sympathy symptoms -re-affirming that to myself -  just in-case I was contemplating it in any form!

I think it is fair to say that just before I stopped the constant chasing of time, working and working and working.......... I knew it was time. 

I had already started exploring numerous alternative therapies to see how I could feel better - the exhaustion had set in, however it was a few spoken words that were not even directed at me that provided the wow moment of realisation and the biggest nudge ever that I needed to walk away from this life and into the unknown........ I had no idea what I was going to do next.....

After I left was when I realised how much the years of running around and long hours had taken out of me - and what I did know was that it was now time for me and for me be able to rebuild my inner strength, health and stamina.

My time - to set myself free......

A decade on, those of you that know me and Chi-Ki Holistic Health will already know that during this journey I found Meditation, Reiki then EFT, emotrance, heart healing and more recently Laughter Yoga, law of attraction and all of these have given me so much that words can not describe. Other than health, less stress, calm, peace, joy, happiness.... :-)

However, it is the people that I have encountered along the way that have left me speechless.  

I am finding on each blog - I seem to be reverting back to people and the way people interact and the kindness that is within so many people.... and I feel that I must just express my interactions one more time!!!  please indulge me :-)

These people have often been complete strangers and the sheer and utter kindness that they have shown me, the guidance and support I have been given, the way that certain people have gone out of their way to involve me and continually offer words of both encouragement and acceptance. 

This has been  so incredible and in such a way that a mere thank you always feels just that bit  too inadequate. It really has left me speechless.

I think it is fair to say that it is the people that I have met and worked with that have inspired me to continue along my journey and the more doors that open and the more I walk through the more of these people I seem to meet -

It really has been an incredible journey and a privileged one at that.

So thank you.......... and please continue.... I am enjoying your kindness :-)

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