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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Personal growth or personal development?

What do those words mean to you?

When you see personal development written somewhere... What does that make you think?

Initially these words  conjured up a multitude of thoughts:

  • progression within career
  • dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Finding your purpose
  • Direction
  • Goals and action
  • Making the first step

For me..that is it....CHANGE...
Change is the key word for anyone undergoing transformation treatments / coaching

Whether this change is removing the stress and chaos to make sense and to enable what was once a "normal" task  - like functioning in life - enjoying the moment - releasing stress and depressions


Removing the blocks that are stopping you gaining your own personal success.... 

The type of success that makes your heart sing...that oozes from every pore...that you can not hide as the joy it brings is effervescent .

So whether you are making the final touches to your canvas picture or removing old patterns and colours.....  Another words, it does not matter where you are on your journey....

Personal growth and development....starts with you, is all about you and ends with you and your willingness to make the changes necessary in your life

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