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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Whats your priority for 2015?

Happy New Year!

I don't usually make New year resolutions.....

New Years resolutions in the past have been my list that I want to beat myself up over..... my judgemental list of what I should or ought to be doing for myself!!

  • I should get fit
  • I should lose weight
  • I should be stronger
  • I should give more
  • I should be more perfect!!!!!!

But do you know what I learnt in 2014 - I have Freedom and I really am perfect just the way that I am!

So this year my thought process was different....

What do I want for myself? What is going to Nourish me?  Fulfil me? and really ignite and invigorate the passion for life within me?

This year is definitely all about me!

and for once I really can not wait!

This year I am going to give myself everything that I have ever wanted in life!


How many of us stop ourselves from living the lives that we want because we are stuck with our own internal critic - chit chat, chit chat all the time....saying..      You can't do that!  You should do that better! You need to work harder! If only you could please one more person! You're not good enough to do that!

Sound familiar.....?  stuck with our limitations!

Then why not re evaluate - 

What is important to you for this year - what do you want for you - not for anyone else - not to please anyone other than yourself..... what is that one thing that is going to overfill your heart with joy?

What would be that one thing on the top of your list?

What ever your priority is for you..... enjoy!

Happy New Year!


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