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Thursday, 5 February 2015

So How is your vision working out so far in 2015?

We are now in the second month of the year, how is it all shaping up?  Does it resemble your goals?

Did you think about your goals for this year?

Did you create your own vision board?

When you thought about your goals and dreams did it include all of your life?

Work?  Leisure?  Relationships?  Fun?  Gifts & Treats for You?  Finances?  Health?  Fun?

And then what?

What have you changed to help create the life that you want?

We so often make lists of all the things we want in our life and then leave it there....

We may even think about them for a few weeks afterwards whilst we are still wrapped in the cloak of new beginning motivation.....

But what do we really do to make those changes and to create the life that we really want?

What conscious actions do we take?

Just think about that......

What can you do today to make a small difference in your life?

and finally.....

Whats really stopping you?            Whats blocking you?

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