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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Self Investment!

Self Investment....

Workshops are a great place to start.... They can be a place to find out what you need to release.

Almost like dipping your toe in the water and finding out how it feels.... finding out if you are really ready to complete the inner work that you want or feel that you need to do.....

If you are ready; then working on a 1-1 basis with a coach or consultant may be the next step for you....

WHY?  Because on a 1-1 basis you can really get to the core of YOU!  its all about YOU!

Working individually with a licensed professional enables you to go to the parts that feel really vulnerable, that are scary and you want to run away from - you can unravel each knot...knot by knot.... releasing the anguish, torment, pain and or fear that you may also be carrying

Releasing - Forgiving - Letting go

Removing all the burdens that are holding you back... that can be in any area of your life

Friendships, relationships, career, health, traumas, self worth, anger, depressions and anxieties.... the list can go on...

It is stated that most of our belief systems are made by the age of 10 and therefore have been created from the environments around us - home, school, friends, social events.....

There are so many that are no longer applicable in our lives that we continue to play them out because that is what we believe we need to do or think we maybe deserve or if we don't ...then what?  thats scary!

Self worth, deservance, confidence, believing in yourself, self acceptance, self approval, self love...... 

Working with a professional to help you remove the outer layers and look within yourself to release, forgive and let go enables you to feel free

Free from the limitations burdens
Free from the anguish and torments
Free from the suffocation

Free to live the life you always wanted
Free to be alive
Free to find contentment

Investing in yourself today could be the the key to unlock your future tomorrow! 

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